REEL Quinton

REEL Quinton

Danilo, Essoldo, Cannon, ABC, Odeon

Situated between Quinton and Halesowen, the Danilo Cinema opened on August Bank Holiday 1939 and almost immediately had to close its doors for safety reasons at the start of the World War II. A durable survivor of a cinema, and still operating to this day, the building was lined up for demolition in the 1970s to make way for M5, but won a battle to get the motorway route changed. It’s undergone several changes of ownership and name – particularly in more recent times – thanks to a range of behind the scenes takeovers and aquisitions of cinema chains. It survives as a four screen cinema throwback on the edge of the Birmingham, under the REEL name.

12 Hagley Rd West, Midlands, Halesowen, B62 9AS

The Quinton cinema has come through some major changes and had to fight through many obstacles, it has stood the test of time and has shown resilience and has constantly proved itself to be a focal point within its community.

Through all the trials and tribulations the Quinton cinema has always come through and I hope it continues to be a success as it houses many memories for me and the people of Quinton.

“I remember going to my local cinema in Quinton in ’92 to watch Beauty and the Beast. I was 9 years old and with my nan, sister, and friend. The queue was out the door and down the street. The cinema only had 4 screens – it still stands in Quinton and is a great part of the community.”

We’d love to hear about your film-going experiences in Birmingham. From memories of amazing screenings or communal experiences, to grand days out at the pictures or more personal recollections. How has visiting the cinema shaped your life, and your experience of our city?

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